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About The Lost Pandas

The Lost Pandas is no more! R.I.P 
Because we merged with a other guild on ring of fire [CORP]  to have a bigger and better pvp guild.
The Lost Pandas still excists but not rlly active! thanks for your time all! it was fun!

~ Molotox out.

The Lost Pandas
The Lost Pandas is a social and yet competitive guild located on The Ring of Fire. The guild is formed by 4 friends who are also formal Guild Wars players. We wanted to play in a guild that was competitive and yet fun to play in without sacrificing too much time. So the main goal from the Lost Pandas has become to put competitiveplay and socialfun hand in hand with each other.

So what do we play?
The Lost Pandas was originally founded as a World vs World guild and we will keep this as our main aspect in the game. In the beta we soon discovered that the other aspects of the game are just too tempting to ignore. That’s why we are giving guildmembers the option to partipy on s/t-PvP and PvE events scheduled (ones we announce on the site) and non-sceduled ones. To organize events like this we have taken the rank “Captain” and split it in 3 parts: PvE, PvP, WvW. By doing this it we can share the work and keep the quality of the events.

Because The Lost Pandas is a social guild we have gotten ourselves a Teamspeak server. The server is being used for tactical reasons but also for social ones. That's why we are encouraging members to use Teamspeak and make it our second guildchat.

Near future
In the near future we can see ourselves having different events from big WvW groups invading keeps till having different PvE and t-PvP teams doing events on a regular but non-hardcore basis.

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